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Welcome Back!

This has been a unique and challenging time on so many levels. It's safe to assume that almost everyone's lives have changed to some extent, and most have also experienced various challenges and a general complication of life.

It is during these times that a foundation of healthy living through regular exercise, healthy eating and plenty of rest can really help us rise to life's various challenges.

That is why we are so happy to be welcoming you back! We believe that we provide an essential service to our community, and so we look forward to getting back to it with all of you.

Some of you may have concerns about coming back to a public space for exercise, and rightly so. Below you will find information about all the initiatives we are taking to ensure everyone's safety.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal clients, many of whom have supported our business through this closure. We continue to be very confident about the future of our business, and this is in no small part due to the support, loyalty and enthusiasm of our community!

What to expect upon return

Everyone's safety is paramount, and to that end we are implementing the following:

  • The maximum class size in the gym will be 8 participants, and in the yoga studio will also be 8 participants. We will still be scheduling outdoor classes and live-stream classes in addition to studio classes, so be sure to check out our class schedule here. We will also be monitoring the new schedule over the first few weeks and will make changes as necessary.
  • In the gym we have taped squares on the floor - the squares are a minimum of 6 feet apart from others, so while you remain within your square you will maintain physical distance.
  • In the yoga studio we have taped designated spots for yoga mats, and we will place mats in the studio prior to class. If you choose to bring your own mat, you may remove the studio mat and place yours in the designated position, or the instructor will remove the studio mat for you if you prefer.
  • Mask wearing is mandatory throughout our facility. Please don your mask prior to entering, and keep your mask on before and after class, as you move about. Once class starts and you are in your designated spot, you may remove your mask as long as you maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from others. If you have to leave your designated spot for any reason, please don your mask beforehand.
  • If you are feeling sick or have come into contact with someone who is, please cancel and stay home.
  • We will have lots of hand sanitizer available, and although we still recommend frequent hand washing when possible, for the times it's not possible or practical to do so then please use hand sanitizer.
  • We will also have plenty of cleaning towels and spray bottles for cleaning equipment. We recommend that you spray and wipe any equipment you'll be using before class, and please spray and wipe all equipment and touched surfaces after class.
  • We will continue to offer towel service, but if you have any concerns then by all means bring your own!
  • In order to help maintain physical distance within changerooms, only one shower in each changeroom will be available for use until further notice.


We want to shine the spotlight on one of our amazing members this month

……Meet Sarah – Our Member & Athlete for September…..

We like to think of ourselves as not just a place to work out, but a community. As with any community, we share lots of goals and interests, but we are also made up of individuals so it's fun and insightful to have a look at what makes us unique, within our community. Let's learn more about one of our regulars.

Q: How long have you been a member at Energia & CrossFit Greektown?

A: I joined Energia in January 2020.

Q: What do you do there?  PT, classes etc….

A: I was a total beginner, so the first thing that I did was take the Crossfit Foundations sessions with Lea.  After I did these 2 sessions, I started to do  2 classes (1 Burn 45 class and 1 Crossfit) a week.  
In June, I felt that I needed to make some major changes for the good of my health, so I started personal training and nutritional coaching, with Lea, which have allowed me to start to experience a total change in my health and fitness level.
I also attend classes in the park and in the gym.

Q: What sort of fitness did you do prior to joining?

A: Sigh.  Nothing on a consistent basis, to be honest, for about 4 years.  I walk a ton, but I look at this more like transportation than fitness.  When I joined Energia, I could barely balance on one leg and I couldn't skip for more than a minute without feeling like I was going to pass out.

Q: What keeps you motivated to come so often?

A: A couple of things.  First and foremost, I was really quite inspired when I took the Crossfit Foundations sessions.  I was starting at a pretty low level of not just ability but also of fitness.  I can say that the instruction that I received in the Crossfit Foundations - and in every class that I attend - helps me with my guiding goal: injury prevention.  Every time that I train - in a class or in a PT session - I always know that I'm being given the knowledge to exercise safely while I challenge myself.
Secondly, the culture of Energia is what made me come back after that first (terrifying) Burn 45 class.  Instructors knowing my name and other members being incredibly inviting and supportive goes a long, long way.  I have only experienced positive inclusivity at Energia. Being referred to as an 'athlete' put me in a completely different headspace (never, ever, in my life did I think I would be called an athlete - and now that is how I think of myself).

Q: What’s your favourite CrossFit WOD or exercise/movement & why?

A: I'm still  learning what the exercises are (and what goes into different WODs), so I don't have a favourite (yet)   But I have to say that the concept of the AMRAP is amazing to me.  Not being, ahem, an athlete growing up, I never pushed or challenged myself with exercise.  I now LOVE that I can get together with others in a class and we are all working as hard as we can, with the clock ticking.  It feels amazing.

Q: What's one thing you've achieved in CrossFit that you're happy/surprised about?

A: I am really proud of how strong I feel, and how much I can deadlift.  Amazing!

Q: Do you have a fitness goal for 2020?

A: I totally do! I am getting such a great amount of teaching in the PT sessions and it's really showing in my form and in my strength.  I'm also almost finished the 3 month nutritional coaching and I can honestly say that I am now comfortable using fitness to unwind instead of food.  In addition to being in charge of my nutrition, my other fitness goal for the remainder of 2020, is to continue to learn how to execute all  exercises safely so that I can, overtime, increase my speed, agility and strength.  An identifiable (scary) goal for me is to continue to try and tackle Box Jumps.  It's a weird combo of psychological fear and  also not having a ton of power - but I'll keep trying.

Q: What’s one thing you can share about yourself that would surprise your gym friends?

A: Hmm...I love knitting animals. I don't use a pattern, I knit squares and stuff it with pillow stuffing and sew it together.  Behold:


Nutrition Coaching

We are very excited about bringing you this brand new, personalized service - Nutrition Coaching! Want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Feel amazing? Whatever your goal, a Certified Nutrition Coach can help you achieve it.

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PERSONAL TRAINING EXPRESS 30 Minute Sessions and Small Group Training


It seems we are all time-pressed these days, and often it's our extracurricular fitness that suffers - it's just hard to fit it in.

We get it - and it's why we are introducing a new Personal Training program called PT Express 30. If you're time challenged, and our regular class times don't work for you, then maybe this is the solution. A 30 minute session just for you, when you can fit it in. 30 minutes is just enough time to get a short warm-up, an intense 20 to 25 minute fitness blast, and a few stretches before you're off. All under the close supervision of one of our top coaches, who will also custom tailor a work-out just for you.

Single Session: $50, Pack of 5: $45 Each, or Pack of 10: $40 Each

Email Lea to inquire or book your first session


We are also now taking bookings for Small Group Personal Training. Maybe you have a work-out buddy or two who would like to join you for a private session with one of our coaches - great idea!

It's so flexible and so productive! You can choose a time that best PT1suits you and your group, and with the numbers this low you are going to get lots of personal attention from a qualified coach. You'll get faster results, and this is an economical way of getting that personal, tailored attention.

Small Groups up to 4 Participants. Session price is dependent on number of people and number of sessions.

Email Lea to inquire or book your first session

WANTED Front Desk & Customer Care

Energy Exchange for FREE CLASSES

Every Hour Worked = One Free Class!

Hey, do you have a little free time? Have been told that you smile too much? That you are way too nice? Love working out at Energia/CrossFit Greektown? If so, we are looking for you! We need someone just like you to help us maintain the friendly, community vibe that our members & guests enjoy every time they visit. We are offering an Energy Exchange - Every Hour Worked = One Free Class! Interested applicants should send Lea an email.

Interested applicants should send Lea an email.