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Re-Name Kettlebell Plus

We are looking to re-name our hugely popular Kettlebell Plus classes and are asking for your help - with the winner taking home ONE MONTH OF CLASSES FREE!

First off let us stress that this class is changing it's NAME ONLY! The classes are not changing as far as content & programming goes. So it begs the question - why change the name?

Many of you know that we started Kettlebell classes in our former yoga studio many years ago, and our original Kettlebell class was a mixture of Kettlebell and bodyweight exercises - the Kettlebell was the only piece of equipment we used.

When we moved to our current studio we knew we had the opportunity to mix in some of the other equipment into this class format, so we wanted to keep the class primarily a Kettlebell class but with a bit of something else - hence Kettlebell Plus. It communicated to our existing members that our Kettlebell classes were only slightly changing by adding a little something more.

Now we would like a more descriptive name that highlights one or more aspects of this class - it's about Strength & Conditioning, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Functional Fitness.

So let's get creative and send along your ideas to Lea - lea@energiaathletics.com. If we choose your name you will win ONE MONTH OF CLASSES FREE!


Social Media/Marketing Facilitator - Energy Exchange for FREE MEMBERSHIP

Hey, do you have a little free time and are a master of Social Media? If so, we are looking for you! We need someone uber skilled in Social Media to take over our Facebook and Instagram posts. We are offering an Energy Exchange - Free Membership! Interested applicants should send Lea an email.

Full Body Yoga Therapy Series with Lea

Sundays from 4:00 to 5:30pm
Starts Sept 15th
Attend 1 or all 4

Learn self healing techniques to help restore the body and mind. Gently regain movement, flexibility, strength and eliminate pain.

In this 4 week series, we will tackle the entire body from head to toe: therapy balls used to release & relax muscles/fascia, yin yoga poses to stretch plus mindful breathing for deep relaxation. You will leave feeling lighter, more balanced and with a tool box full of self healing techniques to use.

All four classes for $75+hst or $25+hst each

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Barbell Club with Bernard

Thursdays at 7pm
Starts Sept 19th

Want to improve your Clean & Jerk, perfect your Snatch, increase your speed, accuracy, and strength in all your lifts?

This class is for you.

The focus will be on barbell skills, drills and lots of practice time under the watchful eye of our expert coach.

Must have 3 months mimimum of regular CrossFit class experience to attend.

This will be a regularly scheduled class and sign-up is through our regular class scheduler

CrossFit for Kids is Back

Thursdays at 4:00pm
Starts Sept 26th

CrossFit Kids is meant to be BIG fun!  Broad - Inclusive - General fun for kids ages 8 to 12.  

A strength & conditioning program that is designed specifically for kids to help them develop a lifelong love of fitness.

All 8 classes for $110+hst or $22+hst for single class
Max 10 kids per class

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Shoulder Therapy Workshop with Lea

Saturday Oct 5th
1:00 to 2:15pm

Do you have tight shoulders?  Lack shoulder mobility, or suffer from frozen shoulder?  This is the class for you.

Lea will show you how to use therapy balls, foam rollers, bands & yoga stretches to help you regain mobility and flexibility while improving your overall range of movement in the shoulders.

$25+hst for single class

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Pull-Up Workshop with Marc

Learn tons of pull-up techniques from our in-house Pull-Up Master!

Saturday Oct 19th
1:00 to 2:15pm

Beginners are welcome in this clinic, as in-depth progressions will be covered. Includes lots of shoulder mobility and lat activation exercises. Your chance to make real progress in strict, kipping & butterfly pull-ups!

$25+hst for single class
Max 12 participants

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