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Run this fall with Energia Athletics

FREE group runs every tuesday at 6:30 pm & saturday at 8:30 am
Did you know that you can run FOR FREE with the Energia crew? We leave the store every Tuesday at 6:30 pm and Saturday at 8:30 am. Distances vary depending on who shows up, but we always have a leader on hand who can introduce you to others who will likely be running a similar distance and/or pace. It's so much more fun and motivating to run with others...especially when the colder and nastier weather arrives. Come and check it out!

Yin Yoga Series - 4 week series - Sundays from 4:00 to 5:30 pm, starts Oct 19th
A slower, deep stretch practice targeting the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis & lower spine. Yin postures are held longer allowing you to explore new depths of postures & deeper ranges of motion. Suitable for all abilities, the next 4 week series starts on Oct 19th, Sundays 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. No experience needed. $65 - advanced sign-up is required.
- click on the series classes tab.

22 kettlebell classes a week
Did you know that Energia currently offers an amazing 22 Kettlebell classes a week? Our earliest class starts at 6:30am and our latest class at 7:30pm, so whatever your schedule, you can take advantage of expert kettlebell instruction.

kettlebell korner

kettlebell sport training clinic & local comp
There will be a kettlebell sport competition happening in Toronto on Saturday October 25th - let's get training!
We are excited to announce a kettlebell sport training clinic with Jon leading up to this event! This 6 week clinic will continue on Sundays at 10:30 am starting September 14. (50 minutes per session). Open to all levels, it will prepare beginners to compete in their first Long Cycle Clean and Jerk competition. This will also be a great refresher for experienced lifters! We urge every kettlebeller with a taste for a little friendly competition to join Team Energia & try this sport - it's challenging AND fun! $95 includes energia t-shirt - half price for members - limited to 12 participants. RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW - click on the series classes tab.
For experienced lifters - Jon is available for designing a customized training schedule for you and for 20 minute 1 on 1 technique tweaks. Ask us for details.


intro special - $20 unlimited spinning, yoga and kettlebell for 1 week!
This offer is for those who are new to Energia - Sign up for one week of unlimited spinning, yoga and kettlebell! Call 416.406.6664 for details.

Mizuno Runnersintro to yoga 3 week series with Lea
Oct 18h - free for members & monthly passholders

Learn the basics at a slower pace and in a relaxed environment. In this 3 class series, you will learn sun salutations, several standing & seated yoga poses as well as yoga breathing (pranayama). Suited for those with little or no yoga experience. Space is limited to 12 participants so book early. Saturdays, 4:00 - 5:00 pm $39.00 plus HST. REGISTER HERE.

NEW kettlebell sport + circuit training class - sundays at 10:30 am
This is a new class taught by Jon & running now - this 45 minute class will have a little extra instruction focusing on one of the Kettlebell Sport lifts of Jerk or Snatch, as well as lots of high-intensity circuit training with Kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. It's still a very challenging work-out along with lift-specific training - come out & learn some new moves!

NEW candlelight aroma yoga class - fridays at 7:15 pm
We've added a second time slot to this popular class on Friday evenings taught by Sarah. Unwind from your week with this one hour restorative yin class with aromatherapy. Yin poses are held for several minutes to allow stretching of the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis & spine, while props are used to help you completely relax into the poses. Experience even deeper relaxation with mellow music, calming candlelight and hands-on adjustments from the teacher, enhanced with aromatherapy.

Timexfeatured product - 2XU compression socks & sleeves
We are now carrying an amazing new line of performance compression socks and sleeves by category leader 2XU. 2XU Performance Run Socks & Sleeves are the most technically advanced socks and sleeves on the market. Featuring zoned breathability panels for maximum airflow and comfort, seamless, gradient zoned compression panels for increased blood flow and maximum muscle containment for increased performance and enhanced recovery times.
* Greater oxygenation of blood for faster recovery
* Faster muscle warm up pre-exercise
* Reduced fatigue through less muscle oscillation
* Reduced muscle soreness
* Reduced long-term overuse injuries
* Greater power output
Available now in-store in a fabulous variety of colours! Sleeves $49.95 Socks $55.00

nutritionist corner with Dayna Fradette

All about Sugar
With Halloween here, you can expect to see peanut butter cups, skittles, and mini chocolate bars lingering around the house, office or car. So what's a smart eater to do before reaching for the Halloween candy leftovers? Learn about sugar!
Candy & sweets raise our blood sugar, which offers a quick energy boost. They also deliver serotonin to the brain, which makes us happy. But the energy boost and happy feeling from sugar is short, followed by a crash. Then the sugar cycle begins.
We all know that sugar certainly isn't good for our waistline. But is it just empty calories? Let's look at 5 ways sugar impacts our health:

1. Sugar makes us sluggish and moody.
When our blood sugar gets low, so does our energy and mood. Some people might even get shaky and lightheaded. Naturally, we'll want to reach for something that will boost our energy and make us happy and energized again, which puts us on a sugar roller coaster.
2. Sugar makes us hungry.
Sugar is not just in obvious foods like candy or cakes - it's also in alcoholic beverages, sweetened teas and coffees. Because refined flours quickly convert to sugar, they create a similar reaction. When we eat these things, our blood sugar rises. This signals the pancreas to release insulin, which is needed to deliver glucose from the blood into the cells, and therefore lowers blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels drop, this signals the body that it is hungry, so we tend to reach for that quick fix again.
3. Sugar impacts our immune system.
When we eat something sweet, the pancreas releases insulin to reduce the elevated blood sugar and deliver it to the cells. Insulin inhibits the release of human growth hormone, which depresses the immune system, making us less equipped to fight off infections and viruses.
4. Sugar ages us.
Sugar damages the collagen and elastin in our skin - making it saggy and look more wrinkled. Avoiding sugar will encourage your skin to recover some of its youthfulness.
5. Excess sugar is stored as fat.
When insulin is released, it signals the body to store excess calories as fat - so when there's more sugar, there is more insulin released, and this creates more signals to store the glucose as fat.

Realize that you can reset your sweet cravings. Skip the sugary snacks for a week and your taste buds become more sensitive to sweets, so that those Halloween candies will be too sweet, but an apple will be just right.

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