Spring Body Tune Up Workshop featuring Therapy Balls & Rope Wall Yoga
Sat March 25th 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Learn self healing techniques to help restore the body and mind. Gently regain movement, flexibility, strength and eliminate pain.

 In this Two hour workshop, we will tackle the entire body from head to toe :

Therapy balls used to release & relax muscles/fascia, rope wall yoga posed to stretch and create traction/support for the spine & joints.

You will leave feeling lighter, more balanced and with a tool box full of self healing techniques to use.

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Saturday March 25th 2:00 to 4:00 pm.
Limited to only 10 participants, $29.

Personal Training Now Available
with Lea or Jon

Do you have personal goals that could benefit from some one-on-one time? Whether you are aiming for your first pull-up, need some individual coaching on snatch technique, are rehabbing an injury or just need some extra focused training time to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals - you should consider some one-on-one sessions. Having some one-on-one training time with an experienced coach can really accelerate your progress, as you will benefit from a custom tailored program and individualized attention and coaching.

This is a unique opportunity to benefit from Lea and Jon's vast knowledge, expertise and experience in the field of physical fitness and well being. Lea and Jon have over 50 years of combined experience in physical training and teaching, and have completed thousands of hours of combined teacher training and accredited course work within multi-disciplinary aspects of body training and well being. In addition, they have both competed as athletes in multiple disciplines and this depth of experience enhances their coaching abilities.

Lea and Jon are able to design a training program that combines strength, flexibility, endurance, core strength, coordination and nutritional advice, crossing over multiple disciplines, to help you achieve your goals.

Lea and Jon currently have a limited amount of availability to bring on a few motivated individuals looking to benefit from their expertise and knowledge.

To discuss details please email lea@energiathletics.com


Healthy Shoulders Workshop featuring Indian Club Swinging
Sat April 1st 2:00 to 3:30 pm

Do your shoulders need a little therapy, or are you looking to keep them healthy and happy?

Check out this 90 minute workshop with Jon. Learn some great warm-up drills for the shoulders followed by an in-depth tutorial on swinging Indian Clubs. These 1 to 2 pound clubs are the ideal mobility tool for rehabbing shoulders, increasing upper body mobility and range of motion, relieving neck, shoulder & back pain and improving posture.

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Saturday April 1st 2:00 to 3:30 pm.
Limited to only 9 participants, $25.

NEW Intro to CrossFit Class -

We now have a FREE Intro to CrossFit class happening every Saturday at 12 noon. This class will feature instruction on some of the regular CrossFit movements followed by a challenging WOD (Workout of the Day). Sign up now and give CrossFit a try - it's fun, challenging and guaranteed to take your fitness to new levels!
Please note that this class is only open to those who haven't done a CrossFit, CrossFit Unloaded or CrossFit Foundations class - only one visit per customer allowed.

Yin Yoga Series (4 weeks)
Starts March 19th

A slower, deep stretch practice targeting the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis & lower spine. Yin postures are held longer allowing you to explore new depths of postures & deeper ranges of motion. Suitable for all abilities.

SIGN UP NOW. (under the Series tab)

4 week series starts on March 19th
Sundays 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Advanced sign-up is required.
No experience needed, $25.



Partner Business:
Lumen Studio

We are very excited to announce a whole new experience coming to the street level of Energia with awesome new services available to you.

On March 1st we welcomed a new partner business, lumen Studio, who will be operating in the retail space. lumen Studio is a luxury infrared sauna studio offering the highest quality detox and stress reducing sauna, where you will enjoy sweating in your own personal infrared sauna pod in a private sauna suite.

The retail space will continue to also be the reception area for Energia, so when you are attending classes you will enter our facility the exact same way you do now.
Some minor renovations are underway to prepare for the launch of
lumen Studio on April 1st.

Introducing . . .

lumen Studio is a luxury infrared sauna studio offering the highest quality detox, and stress reducing sauna. Clients will enjoy sweating in their own personal infrared sauna pod in a private sauna suite. A standard treatment lasts 30 minutes, with 40 minutes offering a more intense sweat. Sweating is your body’s safe and natural way to heal and stay healthy. The saunas are designed for the deepest most detoxifying sweat through the use of infrared light (heat).

Far infrared saunas have shown to assist in weight loss, pain management, skin purification, detox, and stress reduction. Far infrared saunas can also provide release to clients suffering from arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other skin conditions. The far infrared sauna therapy used at Lumen Studio heats the body and penetrates deeply into the joints, muscle, and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation. Infrared sauna is 7X more detoxifying than traditional wet sauna. Infrared heat is completely safe; all objects give off and receive infrared heat. In fact, hospitals use similar heaters to warm newborn babies.

The lumen Studio pod system offers the luxury of a deep sweat experience without the closed in feeling of a traditional sauna. Our pods allow you to breathe fresh air during the sweat as your head is outside the pod at all times. This makes the sauna experience much more enjoyable.

The pod that lumen Studio will use is a quality made natural dome sauna made from hemp. The technologies used in our North American made pod are the highest of quality. The company that manufactures the dome has been in business for over twenty years and are known for their craftsmanship.

lumen Studio is excited to introduce this healthful, soothing service to Energia's customers and the Greektown neighborhood!